I am an artist...
This means I live in a 
perverse fantasy world with unrealistic expectations...
Thank you for understanding.

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If you'd like to be a banner buddy of mine, please make a 120 X 60 banner, send it to me, and then please take mine - once it is in place on your site - yours will be placed here on mine. 


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"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up." Pable Picasso

Do you agree? 

The Poetry of the Art... The Gallery

Clora, come view my soul, and tell Whether I have contrived it well.

Now all its several lodgings lie Composed into one gallery; And the great arras-hangings, made Of various faces, by are laid; That, for all furniture, you'll find Only your picture in my mind.

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doarte the Artist

As an artist - you can find me in multiple venues about the internet. Check the above menu - there you will find under, "Fav. Art Works" - all the places I collect my art resources and supplies. By all means check them out - you'll find me there - doarte

Here, you'll find at the top my in house gallery of art works, many of print quality you wish to purchase.

That too is in the works, setting up my prints for purchase. Those on display are set at 72dpi - simply for display, Upon selecting and purchasing, what you will receive is 300dpi - prints above sufficent for all you having in mind. Please - take your time and look around.

Renderosity's Merchante Artist... doarte

Large variety of artistitic and original graphics surrounding any theme you can imagine. They can be yours to whatever extent you might need in a bookcover for whatever an author or designer may imagine. Please, you must check out - The Ominus - featured above, 10 incredible backgrounds for sci-fi, thrillers, mysteries and other such genres for desktop publishing. In their midst, you'll also find...

  • ICED
  • Essences, "The Storm" for dramatic cloud effects.
  • Vintage ... or... Nostalgia, perfect backdrops for stories of the great depression, prohibition, oh those roaring 20s

There is something for everyone that has searched for authentic, original and creative backgrounds, tubes, brushes or Decos. So much of my artworks feature various pieces from each package that you will find for sale. 

Banner Networking...


And after you've posed and rendered your models...

Brushes, Tubes & Decos

Begin with an idea or theme - collect the basics or bases for your webpage, blog, or the bookcover like no other.

Once you've chosent the perfect background from my selection - make sure you then layer up. Yes, or from the back wall and build your scene forward. Set the stage - you'll need scene props or fillers ie; brushes, decos or tubes. I have many that you'll wish to collect. As I use Adobe Photoshop only to maximize the quality - you are assured brilliance and sharpness for the final project. Let your imagination take flight, set the stage.

Newly Added Package... Check it out!

Essence Winter Image  


  • Newly added Essences Winter package at Rendersoity and soon to come here... 
  • Just did a lastest work of art - once more, check it out at Renderosity Gallery of Art.
  • Coming soon, The Print Shop - until then, if you need a print or backgroun, hit my Rendo Store.
Beware of the artist... They mix with all classes of society and are therefore the most dangerous...